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General Dentistry

We consider your oral health as an integral part of your overall well being. We believe that having a perfect smile should not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but a functional one as well.

With the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a focus on hygiene, modern dentistry was never so comfortable and affordable.

Teeth, like all body parts, do deserve care and attention. Ever thought about the joy and comfort your teeth let you have? Are your teeth healthy? How to know if they need professional attention? Have a quick look at some of the common signs of dental problems:

-Bad Breath from mouth

-Fetid odor and bitter taste in mouth

-Bleeding from gums or any part of mouth

-Pain sensation to ordinary tap water on rinsing

-Painful sensation while taking bed tea?

-Continuous /intermittent pain in teeth or gums

-Teeth becoming progressively loose and mobile over a period of time

-Increasing space between teeth over a period of time

 If you have any of the above, you need to see our dentists at SHMC so that an assessment can be done and any corrective and preventive measures can be taken.

Replacement of missing teeth

If missing teeth are not replaced by artificial teeth, the adjacent teeth will, over a period of time move to that empty space. Food is likely to accumulate between the remaining teeth providing a breeding ground for decay causing bacteria. Irregular spacing also makes cleaning of teeth difficult and leads to formation of tartar. Further the pressure caused by chewing is not evenly distributed among the remaining teeth. This uneven pressure leads to the destruction of gums and bone over a period of time.

Missing teeth may be replaced by fixed /removable/partial/complete dentures or with the help of implants. Consult your friendly Dental Specialists at SHMC today to find out the replacement options most suitable for you.

 Treatment of decayed teeth

• Decayed or carious teeth are preferably restored with fillings instead of extracting them.

• If the carious decay extends till enamel and dentine, it can be normally restored with composite(laser) fillings.

• If the caries extends till the pulp, a root canal treatment followed by restoration and crown is done.

 Gum care

• Gums may be gently massaged with finger or with a soft brush while regular after meal brushing

• Any changes in color or any bleeding from gums should be reported to a dentist.

• Any hard deposits causing swelling and bleeding of gums should be removed by scaling

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